Fall 2004 Machine Learning Lab Lunch

September 1 Steve Murtagh
Littman (1994), Markov Games as a Framework for Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning ICML '94
September 8 David Stracuzzi
Lessons Learned: How to write a dissertation proposal.
September 15 Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Learning from books.
September 22 Gary Holness
Research Update: Hierarchical Ensamble Methods
September 29 Steve Murtagh
Research Update: AUT
October 6 Josh Stoddard
Research Update: Music Perception
October 13 David Stracuzzi
Research Update: Theoretical Arguments in Favor of Deep Structure.
October 20 Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Discussion of grant proposal
October 27 Gary Holness
Kuncheva, (2003). That Elusive Diversity in Classifier Ensembles, First Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis.
November 3 Phillip Kirlin
Research Update: Voice Separation in Implied Counterpoint
November 10 Steve Murtagh
Koller, Megiddo and von Stengel (1994). Fast Algorithms for Finding Randomized Strategies in Game Trees Proceedings of the 26th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, 750-759
November 17 David Stracuzzi
Research Update: SCALEable Learning in Many Layers
November 24 Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Backgammon endgames
December 1 Gary Holness
Thesis Proposal Practice Talk: Hierarchical Ensamble Methods
December 8 Manuel Nickshas
DOxygen Tutorial
December 15 Gary Holness
Thesis Proposal Practice Talk: Hierarchical Ensamble Methods

Last update: January 11, 2004