Machine Learning Lab Lunch

Fall 2005 Lunch Schedule

September 7 Stephen Murtagh
Vincent Conitzer and Tuomas Sandholm. Complexity Results about Nash Equilibria. In Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI). 2003.
September 21 Stephen Murtagh and Paul Utgoff
Murtagh and Utgoff. Solving a Problem Domain with Brute Force Goal Regression, draft.
September 28 Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Learning from Reading, Upcoming Conferences.
October 5 Gary Holness
R. Khoussainov, A. Hesz, and N. Kushmerick. Ensembles of Biased Classifiers. In Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Machine Learning, 2005.
October 12 Group Discussion: Artificial Intelligence and Poker
October 19 Phillip Kirlin
G. A. Wiggins. Towards a more precise characterisation of creativity in AI. In C. Bento and A. Cardoso, editors, Proceedings of the ICCBR2001 workshop on Creative Systems, Naval Research Laboratory, Code 5510, Washington, DC., 2001. Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence.
October 26 Stephen Murtagh
K. Kersting, M. Van Otterlo, and L. De Raedt. Bellman goes Relational. In Proceedings of the Twenty-First International Conference on Machine Learning, Banff, Alberta, Canada, July 4-8 2004.
November 2 2 Paul Utgoff
Texas Hold'em AI Strategies and Lab Competition
November 9 Gary Holness
K. P. Bennett and O. L. Mangasarian. Robust linear programming discrimination of two linearly inseparable sets. Optimization Methods and Software, 1:23--34, 1992.
K. P. Bennett and E. J. Bredensteiner. Geometry in learning. In C. Gorini, E. Hart, W. Meyer, and T. Phillips, editors, Geometry at Work, Washington, D.C., 1997. Mathematical Association of America.
November 16 Phillip Kirlin
Research Update: Learning to Segregate Voices in Explicit and Implicit Polyphony
November 30 Stephen Murtagh
John R. Platt. Strong Inference. Science, New Series, Volumen 146, Issue 3642 (Oct. 16, 1964), 347--353.
December 7 Paul Utgoff
Texas Hold'em Lab Competition
December 14 Gary Holness
Alex Holub, Pietro Perona: A Discriminative Framework for Modelling Object Classes. CVPR (1) 2005: 664-671
December 21 End-of-semester lunch

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