Machine Learning Lab Lunch

Fall 2006 Lunch Schedule

September 6 (Wed) Phillip Kirlin
Research Update: What I Did Over My Summer Vacation, Or, Pixel Classification of Aerial Photographs of Rivers
September 13 (Wed) Stephen Murtagh
Research Update: What I Did Over My Summer Vacation, Or, Interactive Ground-Truth Labelling of Training Data
September 20 (Wed) Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Birefringence
September 28 Phillip Kirlin
Research Update: Computational Schenkerian Analysis
October 5 Stephen Murtagh
Research Update: Learning Distance Metrics
October 12 Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Computational Complexity of Musical Pattern Finding
October 19 Phillip Kirlin
Paper Discussion: Hazan, Amuary, et. al. "Evolving Performance Models by Performance Similarity: Beyond Note-to-note Transformations." ISMIR 2006.
October 26 Paul Utgoff
Presentation: Preview of ICMC 2006 talk.
November 2 Stephen Murtagh
Machine Learning and Friends Lunch Talk
November 16 Phillip Kirlin
Research Update: Connections between the MARPLE theme-finding system and information retrieval concepts.
November 30 Paul Utgoff
Paper Discussion: J. Weng and W. S. Hwang, "From Neural Networks to the Brain: Autonomous Mental Development." IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 15-31, August 2006.
December 7 Phillip Kirlin
December 14 Stephen Murtagh
December 21 Paul Utgoff