Spring 2004 Machine Learning Lab Lunches

April 7 David Stracuzzi
Jordan and Rumelhart (1992), Forward Models: Supervised Learning with a Distal Teacher, Cognitive Science vol. 16, 307-354
April 8
Machine Learning and Friends Lunch
Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Learning from Reading Books
April 14 Paul Utgoff
Perkins and Theiler (2003), Online Feature Selection using Grafting ICML '03
Singh et al (2003), Learning Predictive State Representations ICML '03
April 21 Will Bush
Clark et al, (2001) Knowledge Entry as Graphical Assembly of Components, K-CAP 2001
Barker et al, (2002) A Question Answering System for AP Chemistry: Assessing KR and R Technologies, AAAI 2002
April 28 Steve Murtagh
Whiteson and Stone (2003), Concurrent Layered Learning Second International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, AAMAS-2003
May 5 Gary Holness
Bregler and Malik (1997), Learning Appearance Based Models: Mixtures of Second Moment Experts, NIPS '97
May 6
Machine Learning and Friends Lunch
David Stracuzzi
Learning Many Layers of Structure
May 19 Laylaa Ali
Master's Project: Learning from Textbooks

Last update: July 28, 2004