Spring 2005 Machine Learning Lab Lunch

January 12 Phillip Kirlin
Dannenberg (1993), Music Representation Issues, Techniques, and Systems, Computer Music Journal, 17(3). pp 20-30.
January 19 Steve Murtagh
Introduction to Game Theory
January 25 David Stracuzzi
"Scalable Knowledge Acquisition Through Memory Organization"
Lab review of paper to be submitted to AKRR
February 1 Paul Utgoff
Muggleton, S. (1987). "Duce, an oracle based approach to constructive induction." International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-87)
February 8 Gary Holness
Research Update: Ensemble Methods
February 22 Phillip Kirlin
Research Update: Voice Separation in Implied Counterpoint
March 8 Steve Murtagh and Paul Utgoff
"Solving a Problem Domain with Brute Force Goal Regression"
Lab review of paper to be submitted to AAAI
March 15 Lab review of papers to be submitted to AAAI?
March 22 David Stracuzzi
Langley, P. and Rogers, S. (2004) Cumulative Learning of Hierarchical Skills, International Conference on Development and Learning.
March 29 David Stracuzzi
Memory Organization in Cumulative Learning Agents
Practice talk for interviews!
April 5 Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Discussion of funding program \ proposal related to "Learning from Reading" project.
April 12 Gary Holness
Amut, Y., Geman, D., Wilder, K. (1997) Joint Induction of Shape Features and Tree Classifiers, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), Vol 19, No 11
April 19 Steve Murtagh
Solving Large Problem Domains with Goal Regression
Practice talk for Machine Learning and Friends Lunch
April 26 Manuel Nickschas
Research Update: Learning from Reading
May 3 Phillip Kirlin
Dannenberg, R. B. (2000) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Music Understanding, 7th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music.
May 10 Paul Utgoff
Bryant, Randal E. (1986) Graph-Based Algorithms for Boolean Function Manipulation, IEEE Transactions on Computers, C-35-8, pp 677-691
May 12 Steve Murtagh
Solving Large Problem Domains with Goal Regression
Machine Learning and Friends Lunch
May 18
New Time 11:45am
David Stracuzzi
Writing the Dissertation: Pitfalls, Headaches, and Mysterious Losses of Time

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