Machine Learning Lab Lunch

Winter/Spring 2006 Lunch Schedule

January 11 Texas Hold'em PokerBot Tournament I
Winner: Paul Utgoff, Runner-up: Jeff Kinsey.
January 18 Phillip Kirlin
Maarten Grachten, Josep-Lluis Arcos, and Ramon Lopez de Mantaras. "Melodic Similarity: Looking For A Good Abstraction Level." In Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Music Information Retrieval, 2004.
January 25 Texas Hold'em PokerBot Tournament II
Winner: Paul Utgoff (70 points), Runner-up: Phil Kirlin (69 points).
February 1 Stephen Murtagh
D. Billings, et. al. "Approximating Game-Theoretic Optimal Strategies for Full-scale Poker." In Proceedings of IJCAI-03, 2003.
February 8 Paul Utgoff
D. Billings, et. al. Opponent modeling in poker. In Proceedings of the 15th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pages 493-498, Madison, WI, 1998. AAAI Press.
February 15 Gary Holness
Valgrind: A Suite of Tools for Debugging and Profiling
February 17 (Friday) Texas Hold'em PokerBot Tournament III
Winner: Phil Kirlin (28 points), Runner-up: Paul Utgoff (24 points).
February 22 Phillip Kirlin
Weka: Data Mining Software in Java
March 1 Stephen Murtagh
Hu, J., and Wellman, M. P. 1998. Multiagent reinforcement learning: Theoretical framework and an algorithm. In Shavlik, J., ed., Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Machine Learning. Morgan Kaufmann.
March 8 Paul Utgoff
Explanation of MARPLE: Motives and Recurring Patterns Lexicon.
March 13 (Monday) Texas Hold'em PokerBot Tournament IV
March 15 Gary Holness
C. Perttunnen, D. Jones, and B. Stuckman. Lipschitzian optimization without the lipschitz constant. J. Optimization Theory and Application, 79(1):157 -- 181, 1993.
March 22 Phillip Kirlin
A. Ng, M. Jordan, and Y. Weiss. On spectral clustering: analysis and an algorithm. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 14, 2002, pp. 849-856.
March 29 Stephen Murtagh
Y. Shoham, R. Powers, and T. Grenager. Multi-agent reinforcement learning: a critical survey. Technical report, Stanford University, 2003
April 5 Paul Utgoff
Research update: Improving MARPLE.
April 12 Gary Holness
The job search process, the interview process, some results concerning a measure of task difficulty, and DiSCO performance on a synthetic data-set with controllable difficulty
April 19 Phillip Kirlin
Vickers, P. and Alty, J. L. 2003. Siren songs and swan songs: debugging with music. Commun. ACM 46, 7 (Jul. 2003), 86-93.
May 3 Stephen Murtagh
K. Q. Weinberger, J. Blitzer, and L. K. Saul. "Distance Metric Learning for Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Classification." NIPS 2005.
May 10 Paul Utgoff
May 17 End-of-semester lunch at Sugarloaf Frostie, weather permitting.

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