Summer 2004 Machine Learning Lab Lunch

June 2 David Stracuzzi
Stracuzzi and Utgoff (accepted): Randomized Variable Elimination Journal of Machine LEarning Research
June 9 Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Learning from Reading Books
June 16 Steve Murtagh
Research Update: Symbolic Goal Regression
June 23 Gary Holness
Piater, Riseman and Utgoff (1997), Interactive Training of Pixel Classifiers Opens New Possibilities, CMPSCI Tech Report 97-51
June 30 David Stracuzzi
Heckerman (1995), A Tutorial on Learning Bayesian Networks, Microsoft Tech. Report
July 21 Gary Holness
Frank & Kramer (2004), Ensembles of Nested Dichotomies for Multi-Class Problems, ICML 2004
July 28 Steve Murtagh
Hoey, St-Aubin, Hu & Boutilier (1999), SPUDD: Stochastic Planning Using Decision Diagrams, UAI 1999
August 4 David Stracuzzi
Popescul & Ungar (2004), Cluster-based Concept Invention for Statistical Relational Learning, SIGKDD 2004
August 11 Paul Utgoff
VanLehn (1987), Learning One Subprocedure per Lesson, Artificial Intelligence, vol 31
August 18 Gary Holness
Utans (1994), Learning in Compositional Hierarchies: Inducing the Structure of Objects From Data, NIPS 1994

Last update: August 30, 2004