Machine Learning Lab Lunch

Summer 2005

May 25 Gary Holness
Research Update: Moving Toward Independence in Nested Dichotomies
June 8 David Stracuzzi
Scalable Knowledge Acquisition Through Memory Organization
Practice talk for Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Conference
June 15 Steve Murtagh
Anomaly Detection using Semi-Supervised Learning Techniques
June 22 Paul Utgoff
Hastie, T. and Tibshirani, R. (1998). Classification by pairwise coupling, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 10. 507-513.
June 29 Phillip Kirlin
Lavrenko, Victor, and Pickens, Jeremy, (2003) Polyphonic Music Modeling with Random Fields, Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2003. Berkeley, CA.
July 6 Gary Holness
Friedman, J. (1999) Stochastic Gradient Boosting
July 20 David Stracuzzi
Lagus, K. et al (2005) Independent Variable Group Analysis in Learning Compact Representations for Data. International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (AKRR05)

Hansen, L.K. et al (2005) Towards Cognitive Component Analysis. International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (AKRR05)

July 27 Steve Murtagh
D. Zhou, O. Bousquet, T. N. Lal, J. Weston, and B. Scholkopf. Learning with local and global consistency. In 18th Annual Conf. on Neural Information Processing Systems, 2003.
August 3 Paul Utgoff
J. Gehrke, V. Ganti, R. Ramakrishnan, and W. Loh. Boat---optimistic decision tree construction. In Proc. of the ACM SIGMOD Conference on Management of Data, June 1999.
August 10 Gary Holness
Lei Chen, Martin Wainwright, Mjdat Cetin, and Alan S. Willsky. Data Association based on Optimization in Graphical Models with Application to Sensor Networks. To appear in Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Special Issue on Optimization and Control for Military Applications.
August 17 Phillip Kirlin
Clement, Bradley J. Learning Harmonic Progression Using Markov Models. 1998.
August 31 David Stracuzzi
Richardson, Matthew, and Pedro Domingos. Markov Logic Networks. To appear in the Journal of Machine Learning Research.
September 7 Steve Murtagh
Vincent Conitzer and Tuomas Sandholm. Complexity Results about Nash Equilibria. In Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI). 2003. TBA

Last update: August 4, 2005