Machine Learning Lab Lunch

Summer 2006 Lunch Schedule

May 31 Gary Holness
Stephen Kwek, Chau Hguyen. "iBoost: Boosting Using an instance-based weighting scheme." 13th European Conference on Machine Learning, 2002.
June 7 Phillip Kirlin
Rens Bod. 1993. Using an annotated corpus as a stochastic grammar. In Proceedings of the Sixth Conference of the European Chapter of the ACL, pages 37-44.
June 14 Paul Utgoff
Research Update: Birefringence and Automatic Compiler Construction.
June 21 Stephen Murtagh
Paper Critique: Synthesis Writeup.
June 28 Gary Holness
C. A. Shipp and L. I. Kuncheva. An invesigation into how ADABOOST affects classifier diversity.
July 12 Farewell lunch for Gary Holness.
July 19 Phillip Kirlin
A. Blum and T. Mitchell. Combining labeled and unlabeled data with co-training. In Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference on Computational Learning Theory. ACM, 1998.
July 26 Paul Utgoff
August 2 Stephen Murtagh
August 9 Phillip Kirlin
August 16 Paul Utgoff
August 23 Stephen Murtagh
August 30 Phillip Kirlin

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